My Journey – A Flotilla!


I decided to make all of the boats separately so that I can fit them into the waves as I go along. It has been a very nice change to work on something a little smaller and easier to manipulate! DSCF3370

Who recognises this sail?


A complex design develops

Or this spotty cuddy cabin…



And whilst I’m about it, quite a lot of this one went into the cobble stones …


I hope that you will be able to spot some of your fabrics in the final images but I must admit I haven’t kept a full record of where each colour came from – I’d never get finished!

The fabric pile is shrinking rapidly, most pieces have been used in some way already, but I have been saving lots of blues and greens for the sea itself.

That’ll be next weeks task – when all boats and harbour details are complete!


4 thoughts on “My Journey – A Flotilla!

  1. Steph w

    Wow! I remember the workshops with the young people, and enjoyed seeing them illustrating their journeys on fabric…it’s lovely to see these being used so effectively in the little boats. It’s great that through your blog I can follow progress, even though I’m in the North Of Scotland. keep going Donna, it’s looking wonderful


  2. Karen Harris

    Fantastic, love the details in each individual boat. Cant wait to see them en mass when the flotilla sets sail…



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