My Journey

A participatory community art project for the weekday users of the Heaton Baptist Church Life Centre. And so it begins – with two trolley loads of materials! This project aims to build stronger connections with the adults and young people who attend groups at the Centre on Mondays to Saturdays. My role will be to engageContinue reading “My Journey”

Needle Felting again!

Another introduction to needle felting  – with a bigger group this time! The trick with needle felting is to get the stabbing action correct. Keep the needle straight or else it’s all to easy to snap the shaft. And remember – the foam block is for protection, the needle should only just go into theContinue reading “Needle Felting again!”

Icy weather, Icy Dyeing…

   Three hours ‘stewing’ time to go … Itching to rinse off and see the results….PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE!!  Ice Magic!    I had heard about ‘Ice Dyeing’ and seen examples online but hadn’t had a go myself- until yesterday! What better way to spend a freezing January day than messing about with a tubContinue reading “Icy weather, Icy Dyeing…”

Freestyle Machine Embroidery 

So, what a wonderful creative weekend this has been  (apart from writing this blog post as it keeps deciding to eat itself !) Friday night was spent on another workshop introducing a new group of people to needle felting – more of that in a future post …but this is all about Saturday and Freestyle MachineContinue reading “Freestyle Machine Embroidery “

Words and Meanings

  A lot of the work I’m making at the moment involves text. I’ve done a series of pieces that I call the ‘Day Trippers’ series where text is used below an image to suggest a lovely outing. Now, the pieces are more about the words. The piece above is a work in progress –Continue reading “Words and Meanings”

Needle Felting Workshops

You can vote for me in this years Craft & Design Selected Maker Awards! Craft & Design Selected Maker 2016 Needle felting is a lovely craft to learn on a cold January evening! Yesterday brought the first frost of the year to Newcastle but I was warm and cosy working with a lovely bunch ofContinue reading “Needle Felting Workshops”