Monthly Archives: August 2017

French Street Art

Travelling around a small part of France, examples of street art started to catch my eye. There were sculptures, paintings, installations, graffiti and yarn bombing Some were bizarre, some beautiful but all were engaging, reminding me that art is everywhere.

In Rennes, an artist has dotted the city with fake radishes- just for fun!

Cancale, Brittany- a tiny house becomes an art gallery

A pilgrim ponders his journey at Mont St Michel, sculpture on the street

Setting up for a circus performance in the street, Pontorson

Coco the clown with his ‘elephant’, free circus show outside the town hall.

Son et Lumiere projection on the town hall, the story of Pontorson, is it Norman, or Breton?

Yarn bombing, Avranches town hall.

A little creativity turns a street lamp into a lighthouse.

Capo Di Monte style floral wreath adorns a tomb in the local graveyard.

‘Look after your town – eat a seagull!’

Stencil graffiti of civic pride

Political commentary on a derelict building

Pacman added to a drain cover outside someone’s house.

Everywhere around us, wherever we go, artists embellish and enrich our environment, making us pause to admire, consider and question. Encouraging all of us to engage with and participate in artistic activity. These creative gestures, hasty or considered, commissioned or unauthorised make me pause and savour the place, connecting further with my surroundings.