Screen Printing from scratch

For the next stage of ‘The Last Shift’ banner project, I’m going to ask the children to screen print dates from the era that Greenside Colliery was open.  Screen printing can be very technical and complex…or it can be an improvisation challenge- we’re going for the latter! We’ll be using screens made from old pictureContinue reading “Screen Printing from scratch”

Block Printing …with a 1920’s vibe

Remember these lovely fabrics, dyed by toddlers, nursery and reception children? This week, the fabrics were handed onto Year 1 & 2 pupils for the next stage of the Last Shift Banner project.Last week, the little ones were doing Sixties style dyeing. This time we were looking back to the 1920’s and 30’s when artists Phyllis BarronContinue reading “Block Printing …with a 1920’s vibe”

The Last Shift begins…

Safely back from the excitements of Essex and Carters Steam Fair (more to follow soon!) Monday was the first day of the ‘Last Shift Project’ to make a primary school banner – and what a busy day it was! Working with toddlers (and their grown ups!), two nursery classes and a reception class, we ‘spiralContinue reading “The Last Shift begins…”

Fabulous Funfair

I am so excited to be finally paying a visit to the fabulous Carters Steam Fair in June. Given my love of funfairs and vintage style how could i not be drawn to this! I’ll certainly have my sketchbook and camera prepared  as I experience rides like these. I’ve already stitched some pieces inspired by funfairs, particularlyContinue reading “Fabulous Funfair”