Here comes the sun…and the Map!

What an amazing day! Heaton Festival 2015, the sun shone and the people came, hundreds and hundreds of them! It was an early start, I suddenly remembered I needed to print that chicken on Pets Corner! And there was a map to be packed.. Off we go in  – Those of you who’ve helped inContinue reading “Here comes the sun…and the Map!”

Heaton Map – The Brownies take over!

Friday 19th June- the final community workshop takes place with St Gabriel’s Brownies helping to add details to the big map. We talked about the project and established how many people live in Heaton – we had to go up a long way from 100! (It’s about 11000!)   Some of the Brownies go toContinue reading “Heaton Map – The Brownies take over!”

Belle Vue Map Workshop

Today’s workshop with the residents of Belle Vue was lovely. We were in their beautiful conservatory, using the big table as a print table for the morning. So along with printing dozens of houses, we made some pennants and MORE pom-poms! (We need a lot so if you fancy making some green ones for us….)Continue reading “Belle Vue Map Workshop”

Heaton Map – Whirlwind Wednesday 

Well that was one busy Wednesday- two workshops for Y4 at Chillingham Road Primary in the morning and one with the Skills for Life group at Trewhitt Road in the afternoon. At Chilly, Y4 split into two groups with 14 working on the map before break and then 15 more after break. We were setContinue reading “Heaton Map – Whirlwind Wednesday “

Heaton Map – paint, print and Pom poms at Martha & Mary’s 

This afternoon the second map making workshop took place. This time it was a Drop In session at Martha & Mary’s Cafe on Chillingham Road. Ready for Action!   I’d selected the section of the map with the cafe in it – with the proviso that a certain primary school was left for the pupils toContinue reading “Heaton Map – paint, print and Pom poms at Martha & Mary’s “

The First Heaton Map Workshop.

I’ve had a busy few days preparing for the workshops…a 30 metre roll of hessian has been delivered to my studio, along with fabric paints, printing ink and Lino. The first task has been to cut the hessian into metre square sections…hard on the knees and very dusty! (Attischoo!) I’ve scaled up the map andContinue reading “The First Heaton Map Workshop.”

The Heaton Festival Map Project

I have been invited to deliver a Community Art Project for the 2015 Heaton Festival, organised by all the churches in Heaton. The aim is to create a large map that can be used to record audience engagement with the festival. It sounds straight forward doesn’t it! The project involves turning a small map ofContinue reading “The Heaton Festival Map Project”