Old School Dinosaurs

I’m  busy working on a commission at the moment so I thought I’d share its development. The idea is that it captures themes in the work of the commissioner – so there is a link to the seemingly random composition of space rockets and dinosaurs! There’s more detail to be added but I find thatContinue reading “Old School Dinosaurs”

Town Planning

I’ve started a new series this week, look at the shops and houses where I live and recreating them in appliqué & stitch… The first one finished started out with a quick sketch like this Then I’ve been gathering materials – some of my hand dyed fabrics and lovely Oliver Twist threads, pelmet vilene andContinue reading “Town Planning”

Calpol and cuddles interrupt work!

Oh Blue Monday, a bug is rampaging round here. Both kids poorly with high temps so I’ve been dispensing medicine and working around them today. Which means nothing much has happened…but as the weather here is awful – please let’s have some PROPER snow!- it was nice to stay in and snuggle up. I didContinue reading “Calpol and cuddles interrupt work!”

Further Adventures with Sewing Machines…

Well! So there I was the proud owner of one Bernina Minimatic…and now I’ m in machine/ménage a trois! Let me explain… Anyone ‘stitchy’ around here probably knows about this place but I’ve just found it today – North East Sewing Machines It’s an Aladdin’s Cave of retro, vintage and modern sewing machines, all servicedContinue reading “Further Adventures with Sewing Machines…”