Calpol and cuddles interrupt work!

Oh Blue Monday, a bug is rampaging round here. Both kids poorly with high temps so I’ve been dispensing medicine and working around them today.
Which means nothing much has happened…but as the weather here is awful – please let’s have some PROPER snow!- it was nice to stay in and snuggle up.

I did manage to convert some sketches for CAD embroidery


This one’s going on a new set of badges


These guys are going into a commission I’m working on at the moment but they need to be resized, and I think the little toucan could do with a few more colours on his beak. However it’s going to have to wait because now the big CAD machine has decided it needs a service – probably just attention seeking because my head has been turned by

I think I’ll be playing nurse again tomorrow so hand stitching and sketching will be on the agenda tomorrow…

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