Monthly Archives: July 2014

Sunday Tea Party



Twice a year we host a tea party in our home, for a charity called ‘Contact the Elderly’ . Volunteers accompany elderly people who live alone and can’t get out much to a venue one Sunday afternoon each month. The host provides tea and cake the guests bring company and conversation. It’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon and a great excuse for baking lots of cakes;) Today’s conversation covered Le Tour de Yorkshire, holiday locations and how to stay safe in a thunder storm! On the menu were scones, coffee & walnut cake, Victoria sponge and raspberry oat crumbles.
As the guests meet each month they get to know each other and the volunteers, quite well. I am enjoying getting to know these lovely people and appreciate the opportunity for younger and older generations to mix and make friends.
Now I just need to arrange another tea party to finish off the remaining cakes!

Life moves on…

So, that was June! A bit hectic but lots of fun. Proggy rug project started successfully


Heartfelt heart workshops delivered Hearts for the Celebration event in Gateshead, and a lovely group learned the secret of turning fish tins into works of art –

And on top of that – all four Sundays in June the front room was my gallery as part of the Network Artists Art Tour 2014. I had over 100 visitors- not all at once!!

Since then I’ve been busy returning my attic studio to some sort of order, so I can get to work on new pieces – lots of ideas bubbling – and whilst the sun is shining I need to get out and fill those sketch books.