Hareshaw Linn

Bellingham, Northumberland. Changeable weather, windy and showers, 6C Walking up the sheltered river valley to the waterfall on a damp Wednesday morning. The old, moss enrobed trees were a joy after driving to Bellingham over exposed moorland. Such vivid shades of green and yellow. The river was running high after heavy rainfalls, rushing down theContinue reading “Hareshaw Linn”

Drawn from walking

A late winter walk taking in the low tide around St Mary’s Lighthouse. Winter isn’t all about snow and frost. Sometimes it’s damp rock and darkened seaweed. The textures of different substances caught my eye. Water reflecting the low light levels, seaweed glistening in shades of green and pewter. An old wooden support, roughened andContinue reading “Drawn from walking”