My Journey – along the jetty

This session has been focusing on cobbles!


This involves fixing tiny scraps of fabric in place and then ‘scribbling’ over the top with a circular stitch, fiddly – but the effect is worth it!

I’ve decided to tease you with only close up shots from now on – so that the Grand Reveal in a few weeks will be more exciting.


The scrap pile is growing larger, I’ve almost finished the buildings – just going back and adding details like the rope hand rail you can see in the first photo.

These two photos show how the harbour wall develops – I chose fabrics that were lilac/grey in colour and worked over them with a pale grey thread first to add texture then two shades of green to give the effect of sea weeds clinging onto the rocky surface. There’s some metal rings to be added too.

Unfortunately stitching the harbour wall was quite a tough job, I decided to call it a day when I broke 3 machine needles in quick succession! I think its all the to -ing and fro-ing!


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