Heaton Map – The Brownies take over!

Friday 19th June- the final community workshop takes place with St Gabriel’s Brownies helping to add details to the big map. We talked about the project and established how many people live in Heaton – we had to go up a long way from 100! (It’s about 11000!)

Some of the Brownies go to Ravenswood School, so they were happy to paint their school building in yellow (all the school and community buildings are yellow!)

Here, Benton Road gets a coat of red paint, as it is one of the main roads that runs through our area. This makes a strong contrast with the white streets where our homes are. 

There are still an awful lot of houses to print, the brownies helped to do the ‘Dale’ Gardens in High Heato. (Tawny Owl found her house and printed it in blue!)


The girls all printed a pennant too – this map is going to look so colourful!

So, that’s all the workshops done. Now it’s time to get everything finished off and ready for High Noon on Saturday 27th June! See you all there!


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