Season of Thrift and Festival Fruitiness

The Festival of Thrift hit Lingfield Point near Darlington this weekend. A marvellous way to spend a weekend! There are vintage caravans as mini shops or galleries, camper van cafés, fabulous food stalls, amazing artists and more thrifty vintage finds than could fill your attic! Alongside the stalls there are ‘Have a Go’ opportunities, anyone for weaving, or cardboard sculpture? Printing or jam making?

My Thrifty bits included this gorgeous needle cord fabric bought from a caravan boutique, a bag of organic pears, lots of frocks at £1 a piece- to wear or tear? Who knows but it’ll be fun deciding…as for the vintage embroidery panel of Robin Hood’s Bay..a new piece of art perhaps? Collaging it into a textile piece.

This is my kind of collage- all over the outside of a mini camper – the inside was a riot of patchwork too- beautiful!

I met a fellow textile artist who asked why I didn’t have a stall there- I don’t know…but maybe next year with a renovated Minnie the Monza??

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