Town Planning

I’ve started a new series this week, look at the shops and houses where I live and recreating them in appliqué & stitch… The first one finished started out with a quick sketch like this Then I’ve been gathering materials – some of my hand dyed fabrics and lovely Oliver Twist threads, pelmet vilene andContinue reading “Town Planning”

New work developing

I’ve been concentrating on smaller landscape pieces this week – here’s some pics… These are preparation for ‘Along the Way’ a piece inspired by journeys through Scotland. I love the way houses and farmsteads hunker down amidst the hills. Often the trees look blasted and twisted by the wind and rain, forming shapes that standContinue reading “New work developing”

Down on the Farm

A new piece in the Day Trippers series-might have to be renamed the weekenders! Inspired by our little camping trip earlier this year when we stayed in a vintage caravan, the only cooking spot was a campfire, the view was fields as far as the eye could see, our neighbours were feathered or four leggedContinue reading “Down on the Farm”

All the Fun of the Fair

I love funfairs; the colour,the noise, the excitement. The way an open space gets transformed into a magic environment when the fair moves into town. That’s the mood I’m trying to capture in my Fun Fair pieces. I like the idea of aeroplanes that only fly in circles, of Fun Houses with moving walkways andContinue reading “All the Fun of the Fair”