Dancing with an Angel

21 years of an Angel Exhibition Thursday 31 January – Saturday 30 March 2019 The Gallery, Gateshead Central Library This week sees the opening of the 21 Years of an Angel Exhibition. The show marks the end of Angel20, a yearlong programme of activities in Gateshead which began on the Angel of the North’s 20thContinue reading “Dancing with an Angel”

Needle Felting Workshops

You can vote for me in this years Craft & Design Selected Maker Awards! Craft & Design Selected Maker 2016 Needle felting is a lovely craft to learn on a cold January evening! Yesterday brought the first frost of the year to Newcastle but I was warm and cosy working with a lovely bunch ofContinue reading “Needle Felting Workshops”

Summer Time Workshop

Just to show that it hasn’t ALL been about maps lately! Back at the end of May I did a One day Workshop with a group of Y9 High School students. They had been given the opportunity to exhibit as part of the Alnmouth Arts Festival 2015 in the lovely Aln Gift Shop . So we had the task ofContinue reading “Summer Time Workshop”

New work developing

I’ve been concentrating on smaller landscape pieces this week – here’s some pics… These are preparation for ‘Along the Way’ a piece inspired by journeys through Scotland. I love the way houses and farmsteads hunker down amidst the hills. Often the trees look blasted and twisted by the wind and rain, forming shapes that standContinue reading “New work developing”