I am a textile artist.  I studied textile design to Masters level and as a qualified teacher worked for many years teaching Art & Design to post 16 students. My work is exhibited in galleries around Britain.

Urban Efflorescence 2017

Urban Efflorescence 2017

I specialise in appliqué and freestyle machine embroidery making artwork inspired by the coastal and landscape features of Great Britain. I want to capture the beauty and special qualities of the landscape, drawing attention to the rich variety of scenery to be found in our small island and encouraging others to cherish and protect this heritage.

galloway hills

Galloway Hills 2015

Using my training in textile dyeing and printing; I hand colour fabrics to act as a colour palette for the appliqué. Working from initial observational drawings; compositions are planned out and then recreated using this fabric palette to ‘paint’ the scene. Detail is built up with hand and machine stitch. The resulting textile pieces are rich in colour and texture that captures, beautifully, the mood of the landscape under scrutiny.

Often working in series, so I can pursue themes further, I use textiles to create pieces in two and three dimensions.

Tin Can Caravan

Tin Can Caravan

I combine making and exhibiting my own work with encouraging others to develop their creative skills through classes, workshops and talks. I work with groups age 16+ and also work to commission.

Sometimes the sun breaks through the clouds. Glimpses of Summer 2014

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