Snow on Saturday

Leftover snow starkly outlining the texture of ploughed fields whilst overhead cirrus clouds till the sky in mimicry of those fields.

A Magpie, perched on the highest twig of a leafless blackthorn. An avian exclamation mark, it punctuates the pause between land and sky.

My reading is beginning to have an impact on my writing; the next stage, I hope,should see an effect on my textile artwork.

2 thoughts on “Snow on Saturday

  1. Christine Booth

    I have been looking at your work on line and love it , please can you tell me where you are based. I am in Norfolk and organising workshops for different groups. I get a feeling you are in the North East which is a long way from us. Your workshops look good – do you have a base that we could travel to if there were enough of us?


    1. donnacheshiretextiles Post author

      Hi Christine
      Thank you for your kind words:)
      Yes I am based in Newcastle upon Tyne. I usually travel to groups rather than vice versa. Perhaps if there was the possibility of running several events together we could organise something- although it might have to be during school holidays so I can accommodate family matters!
      Best wishes




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