The Last Shift – embroidery challenge 

With the printing done and borders stitched, this week I’ve focused on  the central panel. The design is inspired by the print panels made by Y3-6. The base fabric collage is, again, made from the spiral dye fabrics made by the younger children. Because I work with strips of fabric I can isolate colours to build up the scene. 

Here’s the blue sky over Greenside. (Artistic license used for actual landscape features!)

The grey strips represent roads. There’s also going to be a detail of the underground mine working sat the base.

Features will be added by copying images from the printed postcards and turning them into appliqué and stitch- here’s some examples:

I love this image of the pit pony in the fields

Here he is in fabric and stitch

I think this pit pony deserves his time out in the fresh air! 

Here’s an iconic colliery image – one that features strongly on the original Greenside banner .

For the school building, I’ve combined details from two postcards- 

I’m deliberately not showing the whole design- that’s waiting for the grand unveiling at school on Thursday- but I’ll sneak you one more peek – I love this miner with his axe!

And now you’ll have to wait till the end of the week to see the whole banner- see you back here for the big reveal!!

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