Day Trippers

I’ve been adding to the Day Trippers series for a couple of years now. You might remember I wrote an article for Cloth Paper Scissors about them last Summer.

I’ve got a couple of ideas for new pieces to add to the series, moving my focus inland for one and back to the coast for another. I’ll keep you posted on progress but I’m hoping to get them finished in time for the Newcastle Art Spring Fest.

The first is going to be subtitled  ‘High Strung Hills’ and is inspired by all those lovely Northumbrian landscapes. I’ve got this one all planned out as you can see – thats the blue sky I was working on when I heard the news about the Craft & Design Selected Maker Awards!

I think the next will be inspired by the crazy April weather and will be about how stormy days can be the most exciting  – so long as you’re prepared for it!

More to follow on these!


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