My Journey – Over the rooftops

This week it’s been all about roof tiles!

I like to find different ways to stitch the roof tiles to add interest to the piece. The spiral dyed fabrics have given me a fine palette of slate greys and terracottas to work with. I have used Oliver Twist threads to stitch over the fabrics and add the detail. You might also spot a little ric rac ridge tiling in there too!

So far this week I have stitched 45 buildings including a lighthouse and a windmill! There’s about half a dozen houses and a lifeboat station to add, then its a race down to the ocean!

There’s two weeks stitching time before the pieces have to be at the framers’ so if you don’t hear from me for a while its because I’m busy stitching!

I am sneaking off for a little Good Friday trip to Felton tomorrow though – there’s a week  left to go and see the Coast exhibition at the gorgeous Gallery 45 (featuring some of my work!)  – and there’s also the scrumptious Running Fox Cafe to visit, so as the school holidays have begun I thought we’d have some family time up there.

(I’m hoping the ‘Tidy Up Fairy’ might visit my attic in the meantime – as the stitch speed increases so does the debris!)



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