September Stories

A new term, a new school, new routines…we’re all settling in to the new season, boots and raincoats return to the wardrobe but there’s still moments of Summer. I’ve been thinking of beach huts and Summer landscapes, using the brighter days to dye new fabrics in the greens and blues of the coastline. Ideas are bubbling for new pieces; still using appliquΓ© and free machine embroidery but breaking away from straight edges…I need to get some samples done and sketchbooks filled but as usual there’s a lot of other things to fit in.

I’ve been doing some artwork in the health service, a new project that’s giving me chance to work with people, finding art activities that patients can enjoy in different settings. I’m thinking hard about appropriate media and scale…and also what I can fit in my spotty shopping trolley- it is possible to get a sewing machine in there!

The Easel Talk at the Holy T is looming too, ‘Which piece of work shall I talk about?’ I asked the family, ‘A good one’ they reply! Hmmm…the next question will be whether I can keep to the ten minutes allowed? 

More to follow……

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