The Heaton Festival Map Project

I have been invited to deliver a Community Art Project for the 2015 Heaton Festival, organised by all the churches in Heaton. The aim is to create a large map that can be used to record audience engagement with the festival.

It sounds straight forward doesn’t it! The project involves turning a small map of the area of Heaton covered by the festival into something quite monumental – the final piece will be made up of 24 sections of map, each a metre square. Each section will show the streets, houses and shops of that part of Heaton and also record activities that take place in the area. 

Here’s the map…

That’s a lot of Heaton! 

I will be working with different groups to create different sections of the map over the next few weeks. I will record the progress of the map here. Perhaps you will be able to come along and see the finished artwork at the Festival itself on Saturday 27th June from 12 noon until 7pm?

The map will be made on hessian, chosen because it is durable and has a loose weave so we will be able to stick flags, and other items into it, at the festival.


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