November, November and things to remember


A very bumpy journey to Arran thanks to the tail end of Hurricane
Gonzo! But we got there and the Autumn colours were beautiful. Sketches done ready for new pieces of work. Watch out for the one above in a more dramatic form!

Back home to mild weather and Halloween shenanigans; I’ve carved pumpkins, made soup and roasted the seeds, made ghost princess and bat girl costumes {& sneakily pinched a few Halloween Treats as my reward;)}


Managed to get a few badges finished for Saturday’s Christmas Market but then DISASTER ran out of glue!! Oh well, got some now so these little ones will be heading to the next market on November 8th. With a few new surprises too- see you there;)


2 thoughts on “November, November and things to remember

  1. opusanglicanum

    are they still running the bridge market?!? my mum used to do that every sunday when I was a kid (long before they started charging rent) I hated it so much, cos I’d get so bored and I was always either freezing cold or unable to get out of the sun. used to pray for torrential rain every sunday morning so I could stay in bed



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